About Me


Who Am I

I'm Sheniqua Robinson! An outgoing & outspoken traveler who currently resides in New York City. I'm a Dancer, Former Beauty Queen and a lover of all things Travel! I realized I've been taking lots of trips over the years while maintaining a career and when I wrote it down, I traveled a total of 32 trips within the last 3 years. It was at the moment decided it was time to share my experiences with the world!


Where Am I From

I live where people vacation! I'm from the beautiful Island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. I grew up in the town of Frederiksted and quickly developed my love for FOOD and beautiful scenery from the place I call home!  


Where Will I Be Going

Everywhere! There's no specific area I would like to target. I'm interested in all cultures around the world and I'm excited to share all my new experiences with you.